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Annual Physical Exams in Fort Worth, TX

Maintaining good health requires regular check-ups and monitoring, which is where an annual physical examination comes into play. Conducted at Be Well Primary Care in Fort Worth, TX, this comprehensive health review ensures wellness and good health by monitoring vitals like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other key health markers.

The examination may include crucial tests like a blood sugar test, HIV test, and lung cancer screening, among others. These routine physical examinations ensure good health and can be a crucial preventive step towards serious health issues.

It’s easy to let the hustle and bustle of life distract us from essential health commitments. Before you know it, it’s the end of the year, and you still need to schedule an annual physical.

But setting up an appointment is crucial to keeping track of your health. Schedule an Annual Physical Exam appointment with Be Well Primary Care today!

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Annual Physical Exam Inclusions

The annual physical exam, commonly known as the yearly checkup, is a cornerstone of preventive medicine. It allows healthcare professionals to assess your health status, detect potential issues early, and update your health records. The goal is to promote optimal health and prevent disease before it starts.

Updated Health History

The first stage of an annual physical exam involves updating your health history. This includes discussing any new symptoms or changes in your health since your last visit, lifestyle habits (such as diet and exercise), occupational and recreational activities, and any family history of diseases.

Your healthcare provider will also review your current medications and supplements, if any. This information will help guide the examination and testing process.

Vital Sign Checks

Vital sign checks form a crucial part of the physical exam. They are quick, non-invasive procedures that give healthcare providers an instant snapshot of your overall health.

The vital signs measured include blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature. Some doctors may also measure body mass index (BMI) to assess whether your weight is within a healthy range for your height.

Visual Exam

A comprehensive visual examination is conducted from head to toe. The doctor will observe your general appearance for any signs of health issues. They will check the head, eyes, chest, abdomen, and musculoskeletal system.

For instance, they may examine your hands and wrists for signs of arthritis or other joint issues. The doctor will also evaluate your nervous system functions, such as speech and walking. This is to identify any abnormalities that may indicate underlying neurological conditions.

Physical Exams

In addition to the visual exam, the doctor will perform specific physical examinations based on your gender, age, and health history. This might include a testicular exam, hernia exam, prostate exam, and abdominal exam for men.

For women, a breast exam and pelvic exam might be performed. A rectal exam might also be conducted depending on the individual’s age. These physical examinations allow the healthcare provider to detect abnormalities that might not be noticeable during the visual examination.

Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests may be ordered to provide a more in-depth understanding of your health. These could include blood tests, urinalysis, cholesterol testing, and diabetes screening. The tests will depend on age, risk factors, and any issues discovered during the physical exam.

Lab tests help identify issues that might not present visible symptoms but can significantly impact your health if left undetected.

Male & Female Annual Physicals

While the core elements of an annual physical exam are common for both genders, there are a few gender-specific examinations. Here is a quick analysis of these specifics:

Male Physical Exam

The male physical exam includes a thorough body examination emphasizing the male-specific organs. The healthcare provider may perform a testicular exam to check for any lumps, changes in size, or other abnormalities.

They can also include a prostate exam to assess for signs of prostate cancer and conduct a hernia examination to detect unusual protrusions in the groin area.

Female Physical Exam

A female physical exam, in addition to a comprehensive body exam, includes a pelvic and breast examination. A pelvic exam allows the healthcare provider to inspect the vagina, cervix, uterus, and ovaries for abnormalities.

The breast exam involves checking for lumps or other changes that may indicate breast cancer. The professional can suggest a mammogram or pap smear depending on age and risk factors.

Why Have an Annual Physical Exam?

An annual physical exam is an important part of staying healthy. At your physical, your doctor can assess any changes in your health and look for early signs of illness or disease. You’ll also be able to discuss any medical concerns, such as diet, exercise habits, family medical history, and mental health issues.

During the exam, the professional can also check your vital signs, blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature. The doctor will also do tests such as lab work or imaging studies to help diagnose existing problems or detect potential health risks.

Fort Worth, TX Annual Physical Exam

At Be Well Primary Care Fort Worth, TX, we have served patients since 2017 and established ourselves as the ideal annual physical examiners. Our dedicated team of doctors is committed to helping you understand your body better and provide personalized advice tailored to your unique health needs.

Communicating with our doctors at each physical can help you learn more about your body and what you need to do to stay at your healthiest. Speak to us today to get started.

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