“My goal as a Primary Care and Sports Medicine Physician is to give the patient every available option that I believe will improve the patient’s life, to keep their own independency, to decrease the risk of surgery, and to prevent them from going to the hospital.”

Dr. Josh Richard is a born and raised Texan who grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He graduated from Medical School in 2018 at Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth, TX where he was trained in Osteopathic Manipulation Medicine (OMM). OMM is a treatment he continues to use in his practice for patients with acute or chronic musculoskeletal problems. He finished his Family Medicine Residency at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX while also learning Integrative Medicine approaches to improve patient care.  

He has completed a Fellowship training as a Non-operative Sports Medicine Physician in Lubbock, TX where he provided medical care and sports coverage for the Texas Tech Red Raider athletes, along providing care and sports coverage for the D2 Lubbock Christian University athletes. In addition, Dr. Richard is trained in Wilderness Medicine, he has completed training in Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) and teaches Wilderness Medicine and AWLS courses.  

Overall, Dr. Richard’s interests and expertise are in the treatment of cardio metabolic disorders, such as obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. As such, he is skilled in discussing dietary modifications, lifestyle training for patients and incorporating Integrative Medicine approaches to care.

With his expertise and knowledge in musculoskeletal care and Sports Medicine care, Dr. Richard does: 


  • Care for acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries 
  • Care for acute and chronic nerve problems, such as sciatica, disc herniations, nerve entrapments 
  • Ultrasound skills for diagnostic and treatment purposes 
  • Joint injections of steroid, viscosupplementation (ie Euflexxa, Durolane, Hyalgen, etc), and regenerative products, such as Platelet Rich Plasma. He is trained to do injections in shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees, and ankles. 
  • Trigger point injections 
  • Nerve Hydrodissection procedures 
  • Concussion evaluation and management 
  • Preparticipation Physical Examinations for athletes 
  • Exercise prescription medicine 
  • Continues to use OMM for acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries 

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