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Allergy Testing in Fort Worth, TX

The human body has robust defense mechanisms to keep it safe from diseases by quickly recognizing harmful microorganisms and taking necessary actions to combat and eliminate them.

An allergic disease is a hyperactive response (immune-mediated) of the body against a specific allergen. According to reports, 8-10% of the global population suffers from at least one type of allergic disease. 

Some allergic reactions can have serious consequences. Therefore, timely testing and identification of the culprit allergen (indoor or outdoor) become vital. 

If you are looking for allergy testing in Fort Worth, Be Well Primary Care is here to diagnose and treat any allergic triggers. Contact us to schedule your and get rid of allergy issues with a customized treatment plan!

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Why Visit an Allergist?

Being proactive and visiting an allergy center can benefit your body by helping avoid potential allergic triggers and the aggravation of symptoms, be it coughing, sneezing, watery eyes or a stuffy nose.


Modern allergy centers help identify different allergens through a panel of tests. An allergist diagnoses an allergic response and sees the unseen accurately.

Lab testing lets you know about your food, skin, or environmental allergies. 

Customized Treatment Plan 

The health professional provides an appropriate, customized treatment plan tailored to your needs and specific condition. 

Future Protection 

By learning about allergic responses to specific allergens, you can keep yourself safe in the future by avoiding them.

If you want to book an appointment with one of our specialists, give us a call!

Fort Worth Allergy Testing for Adults and Children

Be Well Primary Care is one of the most trusted healthcare facilities offering services since 2017 for adults and children in Fort Worth. We provide the following allergy tests to determine if you might have an allergy to specific allergens:

Medication and Food Challenges

A food and drug challenge test involves the allergist introducing a potentially allergic food or common allergic antibiotics under medical supervision to confirm an allergy to a particular food or medicine. 

The allergist starts with a small dose and gradually increases the amounts to determine what quantity leads to an allergic reaction, if any.

Skin (Prick) Testing 

The scratch or skin prick test is the most common test for diagnosing various allergies. A skin prick test is capable of confirming more than 50 allergic substances. 

A small prick is made on the skin (forearm), and the allergen is applied, which seeps into the skin. The formation of a red, itchy bump within 30 minutes of administration indicates an allergic response.

Intradermal Skin Testing 

It is the most sensitive and accurate test for diagnosing immediate and delayed drug hypersensitivity. The test is similar to a skin prick test, but the allergen is injected intradermally (into the skin) using a needle to test for allergic response. 

A red, swollen bump forms after 15-20 minutes in case of allergy. 

While skin prick tests can identify pollen, dust, food, and mold allergies, an intradermal test is typically used for drug allergies.

Patch Testing 

A patch test helps identify the possible cause of allergic contact dermatitis

A patch of the possible allergen (s) is placed on the skin and taped in place. The patch stays for a couple of days. If the skin becomes itchy, warm, and red (signs of allergic contact dermatitis), it indicates an allergy to the particular substance.

Specific Immunoglobulin-E Testing (sIgE)

An allergic response is an immune-mediated reaction in which the major antibody is immunoglobulin E. The allergen-specific IgE blood test detects IgE levels in an individual’s blood. This test indicates the propensity of an individual to develop food allergies. However, it does not directly test the allergy itself. 

It is mostly carried out in children. A small amount of blood is taken from the arm. The extracted blood is then lab tested for IgE levels.

Nasal Provocation Testing

A nasal provocation test is another safe and non-invasive medical procedure similar to a food/ medication challenge. The testing helps diagnose allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. The main aim of this test is to identify inhalants and occupational irritants. 

This test introduces irritants into the nasal cavity (exposure to sinuses and respiratory mucosa) in a controlled environment, and the response is noted. The doctor identifies an allergic reaction based on the changes in the nasal airflow.

Why Trust Be Well Primary Care?

Choosing Be Well Primary Care has its perks. The facility offers the following benefits:

All Under One Roof

We provide various treatment and management solutions for allergies in our state-of-the-art, patient-friendly office, including food allergies, asthma, sinusitis, and more!

Customized Care

We provide customized care for each individual through our highly dedicated, trained, and credentialed primary care professionals.


We offer to-the-point solutions to all your problems. All procedures are highly safe and convenient for patients, including allergic testing.

Proven Track Record

Many happy patients in Fort Worth have benefited from our top-notch medical services, manifested in the highly positive rating our valued customers have given us. 

With our expertise, Be Well Primary Care offers a broad range of treatment and management services for your allergy problems. Call us now and get on the path to a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life!

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